Welcome to IQC

We provide leadership for performance excellence by connecting individuals, organizations and communities. We listen to plan, we plan to act, we act to make a difference, and we will make a difference for your organization.  You'll Be Your Best. We believe that sharing our resources is essential to learning; assembling and sharing resources is what we do. Our success depends upon our ability to focus and deliver on the needs of our customers.


The Iowa Quality Center, founded in 1993 as the Woods Quality Center, connects individuals, organizations, and communities by building relationships and providing resources that are centered around improving an organization’s level of performance excellence.  Our staff is committed to innovation and has a passion for the discovery of new and better ways to develop people, organizations, and communities.

Bring the expertise into YOUR organization!

The Iowa Quality Center is made up of two branches, the Iowa Recognition for Performance Excellence (IRPE) and the Iowa Insititute for Performance Excellence (I2PE). IRPE is the Baldrige Criteria-based state quality award which is administered by IQC. I2PE is the highly flexible and adaptable training and consulting branch of IQC. Together the IRPE program and I2PE will help you, and your organization, BE YOUR BEST.

Our values are based on these basic beliefs:

  • Quality of products and services demand leadership from EVERYONE
  • Successful organizations embrace change and are dynamic in nature
  • The most viable communities are those that foster relationships and interdependence.

What are your current challenges?

  • Assessing your organization’s current Performance
  • Creating an organizational-wide Continous Improvement system (Lean, Lean Six Sigma)
  • Facing the challenge of Change Management
  • Needing Facilitation of HR Issues/Conflict Management
  • Seeking guidance in Strategic Planning
  • Providing Leadership Training for your emerging leaders
  • Needing Personal Development opportunities for Employees

We don’t back away from challenges but instead view problems as PROBLETUNITIES…..We Believe You will “Be your Best”