iPEX Breakout Sessions

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10:30 Breakout Sessions

Excellence without Borders.  Five Disciplines of Role-Model Organizations
Role model organizations practice a few consistent disciplines in the journey to excellence: stakeholder centricity, strategic rhythm, process clarity, change navigation, and disciplined performance improvement. During the presentation each of the disciplines will be explained and illustrated using examples from high-achieving Baldrige recipient organizations.
Speaker: Doug Gilbert, Board Chair, Rocky Mountain Performance Excellence

Listening: The Secret of Effective Teams
Research shows that professionals spend 45%-55% of each day listening and that listening is tied to effective leadership. While the frequency and impact of listening in organizational settings have been well established, listening is arguably “an invisible skill”, ignored in education and professional development. In this session, participants will learn how
– lack of knowledge about listening causes discord within teams and poor client relationships.
– to identify their own and other’s listening style
– to use listening as a tool to mitigate conflict, create well-balanced teams, and improve customer interactions.               
Speaker: K. Kathleen O’Neill, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Strategic Leadership/ Director, Master of Strategic Leadership program, Mount Mercy University

The Missing Link to Strategic Planning    
Over many years, quite possibly the most frustrating aspect of strategic planning for CEO’s and business owners has been the implementation and follow through of their plan.  Creating strategy typically only involves a small group of people working together over a short period of time, while executing strategy requires the coordinated activity of every person on your team, every day and throughout each year.   Effectively managing the execution of your strategy is critical in understanding and realizing your plan’s success.

In order to achieve that success best in class businesses all utilize an execution management system that emphasizes people, yet it’s not enough to just manage the execution of individuals on your team, rather individuals’ activities need to be driven by the organization’s strategy and goals. The reality of business today is that increasing levels of complexity and the smoke from day to day fires cloud leadership’s ability to drive improvements in company results.

This session will identify the “missing link” to successfully executing your company’s strategy by exploring a simple to use, repeatable methodology for aligning the daily tasks and activities of your team with the strategic objectives of the company.  By identifying four major enigmas that plague leadership, Iowa business leaders will walk away knowing how to keep their strategic plan in front of and relevant to their people, which will help to drive results and improve business outcomes annually.     
Speaker: Monte Pedersen, Principal, The CDA Group LLC

I Have a Great Idea! Why Won’t They Listen?
Great ideas are ignored in organizations across the country every day. Attend this session and learn tips, tools, and techniques to grab attention, garner respect, and “get a yes”!    
Speaker: Tammy Rogers , Co-founder, The Meyvn Group

Driving Employee Engagement Through Rounding for Outcomes
While you may have heard of rounding, leaders in the Urbandale Community School District have hardwired the process for rounding with employees and providing prioritized stoplight reports for feedback on actions taken, in progress, or not taken (and why). Listen as presenters describe their “go slow to go fast” implementation process and ongoing refinements to achieve tremendous results for engagement across the organization.      
Speakers: Crista Carlile, Mark Lane, Meredith Mauro, Urbandale Community School District

1:15 Breakout Sessions

Keep the Ball in Play       
In the world of “quality and continual improvement,” it can be easy to focus on the technical side of the work and neglect the human side.  In his “System of Profound Knowledge,” Dr. W. Edwards Deming included “psychology” and the need to understand the “human equation” in organizations.  This presentation focuses on the need for building long term, mutually beneficial relationships through cooperation rather than competition, in a manner that balance the “need to belong” and the need to produce. 
Speaker: Doug Stilwell, Assistant Professor, Drake University

How to Build New Habits to Drive the Change You Want
In this session, we’ll examine the latest research on why we hate change, how our brains work, and how to establish new habits to drive the changes we want in our own lives, both personally and professionally.  Participants will get the opportunity to select a new habit they’d like to adopt, build a plan to implement it into their daily life, and leverage what they’ve learned to maximize their chance for success.  At the end of the session, (3) lucky participants will win FREE access to a powerful habit-building tool to support and hold them accountable along the way.         
Speaker: Joel Bennett, Lead Consultant, Veel Hoeden Consulting

Categoy 3 Best Practice – Listening & Learning Approaches
The session will provide an overview of the best practices for various Listening and Learning approaches related to the Customer Focus category including: Systematically gathering Voice of the Customer feedback and information to support the strategic planning process, engaging the patient and family in their care through two-way Bedside Shift Reporting, and effectively using patients and families as advisors in creating a more patient centered care environment.
Speakers: Karen Kiel Rosser, VP and Ron Smith, Manager PI, Mary Greeley Medical Center

Honest Talk—About How You Lead Others & the Difference You Can Make!         
After 25 million employee interviews we know why people quit their jobs. So why do we land on answers that don’t work? I don’t know but I do know we are getting it wrong. Too much workplace drama, talent war losses and quality escapes along with client escalations is evidence we are getting it wrong. Come for a straightforward analysis and doable first steps…and you won’t be disappointed.         
Speaker: Mike Wagner, Founder/President, White Rabbit Group

Learn, Lead, Serve: Utilize Feedback to Increase Leadership Effectiveness and Organizational Performance in Schools 
This presentation will provide participants with key takeaways aligned with Baldrige Excellence Framework criteria focused on the voice of the customer, students, and the workforce.  Participants will learn how to listen to, interact with, and observe students utilizing an onboarding process to engage them in the school environment and create a culture of safety.  Mid-level managers will benefit from learning methods to recruit, hire, place, and retain new workforce members (teachers), and build an organizational culture that is characterized by open communication, high performance and an engaged workforce utilizing workforce feedback loops to drive leadership behaviors.             
Speakers: Jeremy Braden, Principal, and Jim Wichman, Principal, Ankeny Community School District

2:45 Breakout Sessions

Great Results Through Great Relationships      
Are you working in an organization where people do cartwheels in the door at the start of the day, not just out the door at the end of the day?  Does your leadership team understand the power they have to impact the way people feel about working in your organization?  Are you intentional about developing a great place to work across your organization?  Attend this session to deepen your understanding about how to establish a high-performance culture where everyone gives 100%.      
Speaker: Donna Gilligan, President, The Gilligan Group

Fix the Root to Get the Fruit       
A captivating story filled with moments of humor, reflection and thought leadership on a topic that is rarely discussed in our busy day to day lives.        
Speaker: Josh Streets, CEO/Founder, Scoreboard Group

Building Business Relationships – Who We Need in our Lives to Succeed and Why   
Business needs are typically focused on areas such as funding, sales, marketing, process, and operations, but what we don’t consider is the human connections needed to be resilient. Learn what basic human needs are and why they matter. Understand the four components of fear and who the four people are to have in your life to speed up success.             
Speaker: Rina Jensen, Business Resiliency Coach, R Jen Companies, LLC

Fueling Employees for Top Performance
People are like high performing vehicles. The wrong fuel will lead to poor performance and breakdowns. The right fuel will efficiently produce top performers. 40 years of research suggest that our observable behavior can be described in one of four ways that when understood give leaders the insight to fuel their people properly leading to less breakdowns and more top performance.
Speaker: Jason Kiesau, Speaker, Trainer, Coach, JK Leadership

Student TEAMS: Connecting Students and Businesses in Learning
“What is Student TEAMS?” Since 1995 the Iowa Quality Center has been passionate about building the capabilities of our students to better align with the workforce needs for critical thinking and problem-solving. In summary, Student TEAMS involves:
• Two days of training on quality improvement tools through a 9 step process and the Plan, Do Study and Act cycle of improvement
• Aligning a business sponsor to take the student Team into their business where they work 2-3 days on a business project

Attend this breakout to hear the details of amazing accomplishments of the 2019 teams of high school students who attended the TEAMS training.
Speaker: Deb Oliver, Executive Director, Iowa Quality Center