The Iowa Quality Center was selected as the Administrator of the Iowa Recognition for Performance Excellence in 2001 and continues to serve in that capacity to provide leadership for organizations that wish to be competitive in the global market using the world’s most proven framework for performance excellence.

Baldrige Criteria

Assess the Gaps

The Baldrige Program is based on 7 criteria to evaluate the excellence of an organization’s performance. Each criteria has several more detailed questions below the topics outlined below.

1) Leadership

  • Senior Leadership
  •  Governance and Societal Responsibilities

2) Strategic Planning

  • Strategic Development
  • Strategic Implementation

3) Customer Relations

  • Voice of the Customer
  • Customer Engagement

4) Measurement, Analysis and Knowledge Management

  • Measurement, Analysis and Improvement of Organizational Performance
  • Knowledge Management, Information and Information Technology

5) Workforce Engagement

  • Workforce Environment
  • Workforce Engagement

6) Operations

  • Work Processes
  • Operational Excellence

7) Results

  • Product and Process
  • Customer-Focused
  • Workforce-Focused Leadership and Governance
  •  Financial and Market

Align Your Organization

Organizational Alignment is required to ensure that the resources and capabilities are present to implement the goals that are most important to your organization.

Iowa Quality Center Facilitators will lead your business to:

  • Development of the Strategic Plan including objectives strategies and tactics to make the plan come alive
  • Deployment of the plan throughout the business with systematic reports and measures to ensure progress
  • Development of a performance scorecard to monitor and improve performance within the processes of the organization
  • Align workforce capacity and capability to ensure that the workforce can achieve the top priorities of the business

Systematic and measureable results are required to sustain organizations. The Iowa Quality Center will assist in benchmarking and comparable information to assist in making your business more competitive

To be successful, the efforts of an organization toward providing an excellent product/service must be coordinated so that all areas of the organization are focused on the same direction and goals.

Strategic Planning/Implementation

A critical first step to every successful organization is a clear strategy which is provided by leaders to guide and provide direction to all employees. See  Criteria 2 under Assess the Gaps and also Strategic/Hoshin Planning above.

Performance Improvement

The ability to improve an organization’s performance must first be based on what is currently going on inside the organization and then, what steps need to be taken to address the gaps/weaknesses. See more information above under Assess the Gaps

Workforce capacity and capability

Organizations must be able to assess the capacity and capabilities of their workforce. Seemore information under Criteria 5 above.

Performance Measures

Performance measures must be in place to measure, analyze and then improve organizational performance. See more information under Criteria 4 above.

Understandably, Results is the most important criteria inside the Baldrige Award Program. Results are the outputs and outcomes that represent the achievements of your organization. See more information above under Criteria 7.

Resources for Results

There are multiple means of assessing your business through the Iowa Quality Center including:
Iowa Recognition for Performance Excellence state of Iowa quality award program

Iowa Recognition for Performance Excellence Process

The state of Iowa quality award process is the Iowa Recognition for Performance Excellence. The statewide recognition is intended to give Iowa Based organizations in healthcare, manufacturing, business, education, nonprofit and government a method of assessment that allows teams of examiners to assess a 20 to 50 page application written by the organization.

Applicants to the process are given a full feedback report based on the maturity of the organization. This rich feedback report will recognize the strengths and the opportunities of your organization through the eyes of the examiners.

All applicants are recognized at the Governor’s Celebration of Performance Excellence. Mature organizations can be awarded Bronze, Silver or Gold based on the scoring of the application.

The highest achievement allows the organization to apply at the National Baldrige program.

Assistance is available in learning the process or learning how to write an application through the Iowa Quality Center.

Gallery Walk

A Gallery Walk is a 5-6 hour exercise that helps senior leaders understand the Baldrige framework for performance excellence as it relates to their own organization’s strengths and opportunities for improvement. The applicant completes the organizational profile and arranges the Gallery Walk with the Iowa Quality Center. Past examiners of the IRPE process help the IQC facilitate the Gallery Walk to assist in comparing your organization with the Baldrige framework through the eyes of the senior leaders. The Gallery Walk is completed with a prioritized list of actions to be taken to close the gaps and lead to a higher level of performance. All organizations completing the Gallery Walk are recognized by the Governor at the state of Iowa Celebration.

Baldrige Express

The Baldrige Express offers organizations a convenient, inexpensive online way to conduct a self- assessment. This is accomplished by surveying your employees’ perceptions of the key areas of management. This option can serve as the initial step to assess your organization before improvements can begin. The Express survey tool is set up by the Iowa Quality Center and can be instrumental for aligning your workforce with the business needs.

Iowa Recognition for Performance Excellence (IRPE) Process Documents

2018 Key Dates
2018 IRPE Application Guide
2018 Examiner Registration Form



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