Performance Excellence

"I see the Baldrige process as a powerful set of mechanisms for disciplined people engaged in disciplined thought and taking disciplined action to create great organizations that produce exceptional results."  Jim Collins, Author of Good to Great

Performance Excellence

Where are the current gaps in your organization’s performance?  Where do we start?  Over the last 2 decades, the Iowa Quality Center has witnessed how impactful the Baldrige criteria is for organizations, inside Iowa and across the nation, in their journey toward Performance Excellence. The 7 criteria include the areas of Leadership, Strategic Planning, Customer Relations, Workforce Engagement, Measurement, Analysis and Knowledge Management, Operations and Results.    While the criteria questions are valuable to assess your organization’s strengths and opportunities for improvement, the answers to the questions guide direction for leaders toward building a culture of continuous improvement.

Why choose the Iowa Quality Center as a partner?

  •  The Iowa Quality Center (IQC) helps organizations manage their business to be more effective and efficient
  • Today companies need to be constantly increasing value to customers and stakeholders by making improvements based on good decisions that will secure their future
  • The IQC staff provides your leaders with a framework and useful tools for understanding organizational strengths and opportunities for improvement

Baldrige Criteria

The Baldrige Program is based on 7 criteria that measure the level of performance excellence of an organization.   Each point has several detailed questions below the topics listed below.

  1. Leadership
  2. Strategic Planning
  3. Customer Relations
  4. Measurement, Analysis and Knowledge Management
  5. Workforce Engagement
  6. Operations
  7. Results

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Iowa Recognition for Performance Excellence

State of Iowa Quality Award Program


Tier 1 – Commitment

  • Baldrige Express
    • Useful as first step
    • Simple and inexpensive survey to send to all employees
    • Self-assessment of management
  • Success Score Survey – Manage Hub
    • 20 minutes to take
    • 25 page report on ability to grow, innovate, reach goals
  • Gallery Walk
    • 5-6 hour exercise spent with senior leadership
    • Helps them understand Baldrige criteria and assess strengths and opportunities for improvement

Tier 2 – Progress

  • 20 page application
  • Feedback Report

Tier 3 – Leadership

  • 50 page application
  • Feedback Report
  • Possible site visit
  • Potential for Award

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2018 IRPE Award Recipients


Gold Level
Urbandale Community School District, Urbandale 1st time achievement
Mary Greeley Medical Center, Ames 2nd time achievement
Bronze Level
Businessolver Inc., West Des Moines
Tier 3 Leadership Recognition
Iowa Small Business Development Center, Ames
Tier 1 Commitment
Pizza Ranch Inc., Orange City
University of Iowa College of Education, Iowa City

2018 Governor’s Celebration of Performance Excellence

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Resources for Results

  • Organizational assessments
  • Iowa Recognition for Performance Excellence (IRPE)
  • ManageHub Success Score
  • Gallery Walk
  • Baldridge Express

Align your organization:

  • Strategic plans
  • Process improvement
  • Workforce capacity and capability
  • Performance measures
  • Results

Assess gaps in your:

  • Leadership
  • Strategic Planning
  • Customer Relations
  • Workforce Engagement
  • Operations Management
  • Measurement and Analysis

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