Networks and Partnerships

"Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right thing."  Peter Drucker

Networks and Partnerships

Networking at our events can make a difference in your operational, personal, and strategic development. With your focus on new business directions, strategic networking is essential. As a part of your development plan, networking can lead to partnerships that are of critical importance for sustainability. Through professional associations, managers gain new perspectives that allow them to advance business decision-making. These contacts provide important referrals, information, and, often, developmental support.

Emerging leaders use networking successfully to seek insight into solutions. Managers often struggle to widen their professional relationships in ways that feel both natural and legitimate to them. For people who have rarely looked outside their organizations, this is an important first step, one that fosters a deeper understanding of themselves and the environments in which they work.

As we get to know your needs, we can make recommendations for more successful partnerships for future growth, improvement and sustainability.


The Learning Network meetings give attendees the opportunities to:

  • Meet others with like interests
  • Learn and grow
  • Share successes
  • Share concerns
  • Benchmark
  • Provide Mentoring

There are several ways for you to become involved in the networks – by attending, by sharing your area of expertise with the group, by encouraging others to join you in the network meetings. The topics are driven by the needs of the attendees…topics will vary from such soft topics as How to Drive Fear from the Organization to a more tactical slant, such as the sharing of a Business Plan template. The networks are hosted in several different cities including:

  • Cedar Rapids (Lean Six Sigma Network)
  • Iowa City
  • Des Moines
  • Quad Cities
  • Cedar Valley (Waterloo, Cedar Falls)
  • Cedar Rapids

Tours of facilities are occasionally offered for deeper learning and sharing.

Information on all upcoming networks can be found on our Events page.

Upcoming Events

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More Information


  • Lean SixSigma (Hiawatha)
  • Iowa City
  • Greater Des Moines
  • Cedar Valley (Waterloo/Cedar Falls)
  • Quad Cities

Connections for Best Practice

  • ASQ, APICS, ATD, CIRAS, GCRCF Nonprofit Resource Center, MRA
  • Baldrige Winners
  • Alliance for Performance Excellence
  • State recognized organizations

Workshops and Conferences

  • Lean Certification
  • Yellow Belt Certification
  • Green Belt Certification
  • Black Belt Certification
  • Workshops on statistical methods
  • Student TEAMS
  • Problem solving skills
  • Customized training

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