Is your organization having trouble finding people for your open positions? 

Do you have someone within your organization who could possibly fill one of the open positions with some guidance and coaching? 

Q-Source is your answer.

The goal of Q-Source is to bring expertise INTO your organization. You will not be giving away part of your business to another business, you are partnering with IQC to bring an expert into your organization to help meet these challenges. 

The beauty of this solution to your challenge is two-fold:  #1 the consultant coming in does NOT require full-time employment including benefits and #2 the employment agreement is not long-term but based on your needs for their expertise.    Our consultants can fill a gap until you are able to hire someone full-time OR coach a high potential candidate inside your organization to grow into the position. 

Examples of our consultants’ expertise include ISO Standards, Lean, DMAIC Lean Six Sigma, Organizational Development, HR, and Strategic Planning.

Questions?  Contact us at 319-398-7101 or fill out our contact form for more information.