We believe that our systems approach to community and organizational development, involving all sectors of the community, is unique.  We believe that our members benefit most from a commitment to innovation and passion for the discovery of new and better ways to develop people, organizations, and communities.


It doesn’t matter whether your organization manufactures microchips, potato chips or delivers services rather than products, improving daily is critical to every organization. Quality improvement activities need to be continual to improve the performance of your operations which are reflected in your results. While it is a fact that people are naturally resistant to change, change is necessary on a daily, weekly and yearly basis in all organizations to stay relevant in a world full of uncertainty.  The Iowa Quality Center is a stronghold of knowledge, experience and education  helping make all organizations more dynamic and meaningful through activities created specifically to help companies achieve success and sustainability.

IQC Core Competencies

Networks and Partnerships

  • Monthly networks
  • Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Tours
  • Best practices
  • Professional affiliations

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Training and Consulting

The Iowa Quality Center provides open enrollment and customizable training and consulting to ensure that your organization is the best it can be.

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Performance Excellence

Begins with and exploration of how you accomplish what is important to your organization.

  • Assessment
  • Alignment
  • Results

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