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There are many choices today for organizations when they are starting (or continuing) the journey of continuous improvement. The beauty of Lean is that the basic concepts are easily understood and at the same time align closely with other continuous improvement systems. Simply, Lean gives the employees a new perspective: proactive vs reactive. They are encouraged and empowered to place themselves in the role of the customer and make changes that will create a competitive advantage for your organization. The result of a successfully implemented Lean philosophy is a win-win-win scenario. 

Lean Training and Facilitation

Specialized Trainings: IQC can provide any option from a 1 hour Overview to multiple day Lean and Six Sigma training. This option can be located at your organization or through our other networking and learning sessions.

Organizational Facilitation: IQC is able to work with your organization one-on-one and assist with the Lean journey. This arrangement is based on the number of hours you choose to have someone on-site.

The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training

There is an advantage to organizations that adopt the lean philosophy; however there are also disadvantages if the adoption is not systematically deployed. This workshop will allow people the opportunity to learn the key concepts of Lean and use the basic tools to drive performance and quality improvements.

Lean Six Sigma Articles: Our series of Lean Six Sigma Articles will help you, and your organization, be your best.  Access them through our newsroom or click on the links below.

The Iowa Quality Center helps you understand your organization from a systems perspective and leads you to Be Your Best through application experience.  Contact the Iowa Quality Center today for a consultation on your needs.

Lean 6 Sigma Yellow Belt Training
April 26-27, 2017
Lean 6 Sigma Learning Network
May 2, 2017
NEW Quad Cities Learning Network
May 17, 2017