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The Cedar Valley Learning Network will have monthly meetings with a general focus – the door is wide open to whatever topic is relevant to today’s organizations.   Representatives from all types of organizations are welcome to attend.

The network gives attendees the opportunities to:
Meet others with like interests
Learn and grow
Share successes
Share concerns
Provide Mentoring

There are several ways for you to become involved in the networks – by attending, by sharing your area of expertise with the group, by encouraging others to join you in the network meetings.  The topics are driven by the needs of the attendees….topics will vary from such soft topics as How to Drive Fear from the Organization to a more tactical slant, such as the sharing of a Business Plan template.

When: Fourth Wednesday of each month
Time: 7:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.
Location: Forbin VGM 4026 Alexandra Drive Waterloo, Iowa  50702
Next Meeting: April 26th, 2017
Topic:  Trust - The One Thing That Changes Everything
The topic for April's Cedar Valley Learning  Network meeting is TRUST.     As Stephen Covey Jr. describes trust in his book The Speed of Trust, it is “The One Thing That Changes Everything”.   This author has developed a model of 5 “Waves” of Trust that can help guide you to build trusting relationships in your professional, as well as, personal life.  In his words, “Contrary to what most people believe, trust is not some soft, illusive quality that you either have or don’t; rather trust is a pragmatic, tangible actionable asset that you can create…”.    Plan now to join a lively exploration of this topic!

May 24th               The 5 Hour Workday     Hawkeye Community College, Buchanan Hall, Room 106

The 5 Hour Work day? Intriguing Concept....How does it Work?   The discussion for the May session of the Cedar Valley Learning Network will center on how one small change for a business led to greater productivity, growth and a more satisfying life for the owner AND his employees.  That one small, seemingly simple, change was to reduce the number of hours in the work day to 5. In the words of the Ebook author, Stephen Aarstol, “….believe me, it wasn’t an easy or fast decision.  It took a lifetime of paradigm-shifting experiences along with a solid understanding of our economic past and future before I gained the courage to bet my entire company on this experiment.”  This session will include highlights of Stephen’s fascinating, background story of why he implemented the 5 hour work day for his company.  While many companies voice support for work/life balance, this company lives this value very successfully!  Plan now to attend!!

Coming on June 21st   Change Management
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April 26-27, 2017
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May 2, 2017
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May 17, 2017