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Training in Evaluating, Analyzing and Measuring Systems

How can we give our students an opportunity to see how business behaves
and how they can fit into the culture of an existing workforce?

How can we give business a chance to better understand the future
workforce and their capabilities of problem solving and critical thinking within
their existing organizational culture?

The Iowa Quality Center has developed a means of answering these questions and has provided these Student Teams 2opportunities to over 1500 students over the past 20 years. It is called Langford/Iowa Quality Center Student TEAMS and it is a partnership between the Iowa Quality Center and Langford International to create a learning experience for both the students and the business sponsors.

The process includes:

  • Business sponsors contributing to the cost of a high school team of five students
  • High schools identifying five students to participate in a five day experience
  • Two days of training provided by the Iowa Quality Center in problem solving tools and a nine step process following the PDSA cycle of continuous improvement
  • Following the 2-day training the business sponsor hosts the team of students at their place of business to work on an assigned project for three days.
  • The student team presents a theory of improvement or a solution to the business leadership on the final day of the experienceStudent Team 4


  • Students learn the process and over fifty tools that are used by businesses to systematically solve problems in the workplace
  • Businesses build a relationship with individuals that may be a part of the workforce following high school or college
  • The community has an opportunity to adopt the experience for future students and build an approach would allow students to align their learning with the needs of business
  • Teachers can learn from the students and begin to use the tools that they learned to help facilitate classrooms

Student Testimonials:

“Through our experience, I learned a lot about teamwork and how to use Quality tools. I think they will help me better understand the future”

“I feel that the TEAMS training we experienced and the opportunity afterwards that we has to apply our learning is both applicable throughout education and in all other aspects of my life. It was a truly valuable experience”

“I liked being treated like an adult, doing an adult task. I can use the experience in the real world.”Student Team 3

“ I liked the fact that we were given the freedom to do things with very limited adult supervision.”

Business Testimonials:

“This experience should be a part of every student’s education.”

“Our organization has been involved in the Student TEAMS for several years and it never fails to amaze us when the student preset their unique understanding of our processes and the picture that they give us through their problem solving storyboard.”

“Many of the suggestions that the students made in the presentation were adopted and integrated into how we run our business. They have a unique picture to the world that we don’t realize because we are too close to our work.”

“Our nonprofit Board of Directors has given us the permission to sponsor teams in the future due to the results we have gained from the input we receive from the students and their unique understanding of our customers.”

The Iowa Quality Center is prepared, and encourages, the adoption of this opportunity to benefit the students of our education system including K-12 through college to better align the needs of our future workforce with the capabilities required to build sustainable organizations in our nation.
We exist to “Make You the Best You Can Be.”

Contact the Iowa Quality Center for more information on Student TEAMS.

2016 Student TEAMS -  October 17-18, 2016
Kirkwood Training & Outreach Services Building, Marion, Iowa

For more information about becoming a Student TEAM or Business Sponsor please call 319-398-7101 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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