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Here is a list of some of the web sites that IQC staff find useful and interesting.  

AICE Quality Conference

AQP: Association for Quality and Participation

ASQ: The American Society for Quality

Baldrige National Quality Program

Center for Industrial Research and Service (CIRAS)

Curious Cat Management Improvement Connections


Grant Wood AEA 

Iowa Lean Consortium

International City/County Management Association

Iowa Area Development Group

Kirkwood Community College 

Productivity Press


W. Edwards Deming Institute 

Work Place Learning Connection


Baldrige State Quality Awards


Alaska Performance Excellence Program

Alabama Quality Award

Arkansas Governor’s Quality Award

Arizona State Quality Awards Program

California Awards for Performance Excellence

Colorado Performance Excellence Awards

Connecticut Quality Improvement Award

Delaware Quality Award in honor of W.L. Gore

Florida Governor’s Sterling Award for Performance Excellence

Georgia Oglethorpe Award

Hawaii Award of Excellence

The Lincoln Award Criteria for Performance Excellence (Illinois)

The Kentucky Center for Performance Excellence Award Program

The Louisiana Performance Excellence Award

Massachusetts Performance Excellence Award

Maryland Performance Excellence Awards

Michigan Quality Leadership Award

Minnesota Quality Award

Missouri Quality Award

North Carolina Awards for Excellence Program

The Edgerton Quality Awards (Nebraska)

Granite State Quality Awards & Recognition Program (New Hampshire)

New Mexico Quality Awards Program

Nevada Governors’ Awards for Performance Excellence

Ohio Award for Excellence Program

Oklahoma Quality Award

Keystone Award for Performance Excellence (Pennsylvania)

South Carolina Governor's Quality Award

Tennessee Center for Performance Excellence Award

Texas Award for Performance Excellence

United States Senate Productivity and Quality Award for Virginia

Vermont Program for Performance Excellence

Washington State Quality Award

Wisconsin Forward Award


Lean 6 Sigma Yellow Belt Training
April 26-27, 2017
Lean 6 Sigma Learning Network
May 2, 2017
NEW Quad Cities Learning Network
May 17, 2017