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The Iowa Quality Center (IQC) believes that continuous quality improvement can only be achieved with data and measurement.

Our philosophy:
We believe that training must be purposeful. That it is necessary for training to be developed to address the specific needs of an organization. The uniqueness of the IQC is based on building knowledge in your workforce and assisting in the deployment of that knowledge within your organization. Our resources include customization and delivery based on your needs as well as mentoring throughout the application.

We offer a variety of professional services that will benefit you and your organization (whether it is in manufacturing, education, healthcare, service or nonprofit). Organizations that use the resources of the IQC achieve sustainable and profitable results, tangible and lasting solutions, and attain success in today’s competitive marketplace.

IQC resources include facilitation of:
• Strategic planning
• Quality management
• Continual improvement
• Organizational change
• Process assessment & improvement
• Project implementation
• Leadership development
• Conflict resolution
• Employee engagement
• Time management
• Data collection & analysis
• Team development
• Risk management
• Data analysis

Our team of highly committed professionals has a broad range of experience in understanding the needs and challenges facing your organization.

To schedule in-house/customized training, contact the Iowa Quality Center today!

Lean 6 Sigma Yellow Belt Training
April 26-27, 2017
Lean 6 Sigma Learning Network
May 2, 2017
NEW Quad Cities Learning Network
May 17, 2017